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  • 19 Oct 2020
    Just now, Blizzard banned about 74,000 World of Warcraft Classic accounts, most of which are problematic. These accounts were found to be collecting resources and killing enemies using automated tools without actual players being present.According to regulations, the use of automated tools does not comply with the End-User License Agreement of World of Warcraft Classic. But there are online software transactions that can speed up development. In the Blizzard forum, zombies have brought panic, seriously affecting players’ experience of World of Warcraft Classic, but this is inevitable.Blizzard said they will pay attention to this problem and find a way to Buy WOW Classic Gold solve it. But the problem of automated software transactions takes time to solve. Blizzard said that as a result of real currency transactions, Blizzard's detection system will be circumvented by third parties. This is an advantage for Blizzard, but it is also the only priority for profit-oriented zombie organizations. The cost of their business development is Blizzard's ban.The Cheap WOW Classic Gold studio claims that although he continues to strengthen and develop his own testing process, he still needs manual evidence to prove it. The tricky problem is that some players who are more enthusiastic about this are similar to automatic accounts.After the legitimate player's gaming behavior is reported, and then the inappropriate behavior is deleted, the player will feel very disappointed in the robot. There are also some more realistic examples that after the player was reported, the behavior was restarted on another account."World of Warcraft" is a paradise for players. After some players have finished their busy day at work, they can relax here. I think for these players, they have not enough energy to get WOW Classic Gold in the game. Therefore MMOWTS will be their most correct choice.
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  • 19 Oct 2020
    Blizzard is doing his best to help cheer up this World of Warcraft Classic Gold season. World Of Warcraft Classic has been developed by developers inspired by Halloween events. This update is aimed at players of World Of Warcraft Classic. Both World Of Warcraft Classic and modern retail version World Of Warcraft have activation activities, but World Of Warcraft Classic activities are always much less, so few players can hardly see it.A very interesting thing happened, the forgotten faction can no longer be controlled by the Lich King, they burned a giant wicker man to celebrate the arrival of this day. Here players can get a pumpkin bag with an unusual quality 16-slot bag as a reward. Any undead creature above level 50 can drop a pumpkin bag. These rewards are not unique, so you need to work hard to pick them up. But they are used as pickup bindings and cannot be sold.In most hotels, players can play apple bobbing, where players can find five Bobbing Apples. Your character will increase his endurance and spirit after eating these apples for ten seconds.On Halloween, an island mission line will be launched. Players can enter the game and travel to various places to get candy. Then distribute the candy you get to specific orphan NPCs so that they have an unforgettable holiday, so that you can get reputation and treatment.They will get a set of costumes that can turn them into frogs, ghosts, kittens, bones, snakes or mini Diablo in a short period of time after the Vanilla WOW Gold player is deceived, and they cannot be eliminated in the short term. But you can make other players change through random costume wands.If you get a snack bag, you are really lucky, you will get a lot of consumable candies. In addition, you can also get costume wands and even masks in various games.Players are extremely happy in "World of Warcraft", but they also worry. The time they can play the game is limited, but they waste too much game time to get WOW Classic Gold. What they need is a website called MMOWTS that can provide them with convenient WOW Classic Gold.
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  • 20 Oct 2020
    Since the second half of 2019, the introduction of Vanilla WoW in World of Warcraft Classic has been a huge success for Blizzard. This game is very popular and welcomed by players. But it is undeniable that it also has a lot of problems.The general problem of robots is one of the key issues we have been discussing. At any one moment, there will be thousands of robots filling the server. Blizzard also took immediate action after realizing the problem, hoping to solve the problem as soon as possible, but the Vanilla WOW Gold players did not agree with its solution.At the beginning, Blizzard established a strict ban system to find players suspected of botping and immediately stopped serving them. It is very common for multiple robots to follow the player and raise them in the countryside. While playing roles, players will also benefit from the robots they follow.The strict ban system not only didn't play a big role, but it exacerbated the overpopulation problem in the game. This problem is the most important problem to be solved in the game.The economic system of the server has also been greatly affected. Robots are constantly farming, disrupting the economy of the field, and taking up precious and rare materials such as the black lotus herbs produced in highly limited economies.Players are very disappointed with these problems. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold robot problem has seriously interfered with the players' game life. These behaviors where a large part of the funds are used to sell gold or other materials are illegal.The Black Lotus in "World of Warcraft" is a very precious medicine, and many players are scrambling to plant it. It looks really precious. Outside of the game, WOW Classic Gold is also a highly demanded thing, but it is easily available on MMOWTS.
    1 Posted by Eloise Smith
  • 21 Oct 2020
    New tests have been launched in World Of Warcraft Classic, and Blizzard and his team want its Naxxramas raid to successfully pass the tests. They want players to work together to promote this Cheap WOW Classic Gold result.This test cloth is a pure test version, and does not center on any game. Players have to go to an area that has not been solved, where some problems can be solved for developers.Players should not participate in an assault team for assault activities. Players need to go to a place where they can test the boss. The purpose of this is to ensure that everything is running on the original track.This test is the same as other tests. It provides players with a powerful regional aura in Naxxramas that can provide a great boost for health and injury. Under this purpose, is it not that important thing, players can experience mechanical operation. Players must find Johnny McWeaksauce in Light’s Hope Chapel within the Eastern Plaguelands to Buy WOW Classic Gold enter this area. The meaning of this NPC is to adjust and transmit Naxxramas raids in real time.Players can find consumables and reagents useful for testing here. Players must ensure that there are no obstacles between consumables and the team. The more people in this test, the better. Players can form a full-scale team attack. This is an operation that players are encouraged to perform in this test. Many players are forming their own small teams to march on the raid, but this is obviously very different.Don’t worry that you won’t find a team, and don’t worry about affecting the progress of the game. Blizzard said that players should learn to use the powerful boost halo to help them gain an advantage in raids. There, you need to find the problem to help the developer fix the problem.In "World of Warcraft", there are many equipment that can improve the character's skills. Having these equipment will greatly help players' performance in "World of Warcraft". So WOW Classic Gold is very important to players, they need to consume a lot of WOW Classic Gold. MMOWTS is such a website that provides players with cheap and high-quality WOW Classic Gold. X
    0 Posted by Eloise Smith
Entertainment 2 views Oct 16, 2020
World of Warcraft Shadowlands pre-patch is now live

The World of Warcraft Shadowlands pre-patches are now live and players can play. Last night, Blizzard rolled out this update to multiple regions, and you can see this update everywhere. We all know that Blizzard tested it on PTR to Buy WOW Classic Gold see what this patch brings us. We can also know something we want to know on the Blizzard blog, but the most important thing is that I want to explain it to you.

The developer used a table to explain how horizontal squeezing affects our problem. In the loop, you will find that there is no difference between the balance level, items, and statistics before and after the patch, so the players' pursuit of equipment is particularly meaningful. This means that your original level may be 120, but now your level has become 50. To get the entire form you need to click on the link. Players can no longer enjoy the Vanilla WOW Gold legion exclusively, and the level congestion on the PTR is also a major problem. However, this is not the result of this design, because the expected result may be like this.

Blizzard said that the company's reason for phasing out appearance services is that multiple changes are in progress. Players can change the character's gender, hair, facial features, etc. in the barber shop. Therefore, Blizzard absolutely supports appearance services.

The new player experience and the range of players’ exiles are introduced. The content of this promo is to let the player understand the most basic knowledge of World of Warcraft and take the player to a far away island. Heather is also involved, he is thinking about how to show the charm of World of Warcraft 2 to new players.

This year, World of Warcraft Shadowlands will go live, but we don’t know the exact date. However, we still need to make sufficient preparations to welcome the launch of this patch. I think the "Wow: Shadowlands" change guide will help us.The battle scenes in "World of Warcraft" are so impressive that players are longing for. Players have been improving themselves in daily tasks and spent a lot of time on this. Now, with MMOWTS, players can purchase WOW Classic Gold on the official website if they need it.