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Rather than presenting you with Kamas Dofus Retro by Rsking dom
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  • Rather than presenting you with Kamas Dofus Retro all the results from course, which is only of limited interest, we would like to show you how you feel that the classes should interact with each other. By role, this is the standing of the potency of one class compared to the others.You can now take the polls below and tell us your decision about the elemental paths of every class.You are, obviously, not required to provide responses for all courses -- if you believe you don't have the knowledge required to react for one or more classes, then you can bypass them without any problem. However, don't hesitate to fill the survey as many times as you want.

    Agree, huppers want sone sereous damage changes, way to low damage if we check on difrent courses, and some classes could find a few sprinkles, ecas are way to powerful with life steal material and lots of high base spell damage, like playing with rogue vs eca, its 100% free triumph for eca, stealing hp in range plus AOE, about osas, same stuff, like spaming agi tofus in range of 20, taking off ivorys on 2 chars and blowing it up, thats far off to powerfull for a number of classes.

    I am not sure whether this is the way it works now but the ornament/title for the top league you attained should probably be kept when the reset occurs so we have something to show for our hard work. The text area of the decoration should probably incorporate the most recent season the league has been achieved, for example: S2 - IV Or simply S2. The decoration that displays at the start of the kolo fight can be the. Resets will be healthful for kolo since it will encourage more participation rather than stagnate. New people might be demoralized to get to the top in the top spots are thousands of games ahead of them. Additionally, this can induce participation from players that only kolo to buy Dofus Kamas maintain their place since they'd want to re-climb.


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