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the major gameplay in RS gold isn't being maxed by Rsking dom
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  • First off, the major gameplay in RS gold isn't being maxed, it is leveling. In other matches the thing that provides you boosts is not a aspect of RuneScape game. Second, I think that it was Riot games that stated their URF mode (an quicken version of the game) raises RuneScape player action through it but caused a larger fall off after it abandoned. Third, I think that the mentality that you must be 99 is wrong and has been a notion that both RuneScape players and Jagex need to fall. OSRS seems to do fine despite the slower rates. Why should we need them?

    I didn't state that the primary gameplay in RS has been maxed. Games like GTA Online etc enable RuneScape players to unlock rewards at particular exp degrees like weapons but they supply every week for engaging in races and match modes, exp and those RuneScape players wanting to rise through the exp levels will use those offers.

    Your point about Riot games is authentic but they also supply event based missions that benefit exp and last a period of time, how is that any different than that which Jagex offer by way of xp weekends? I concur about the mindset about being 99 but I really do feel this is something which Jagex are imagining as they've started to go back through content and abilities and rebalance signifiant milestone rewards.Because so many people whine and bitch switches such as Flanking/Lunging which aren't super large in increases and rings. It is one thing to complain about swaps which are overpowered bullshit such as Planted Feet and Spellbook Swap, but it's a completely different story when most men and women complain about the tiny swaps which don't make or break combat efficacy (like rings), thinking switching is a problem in combat when they refuse to look at themselves to buy runescape 3 gold improve, or believing they're eligible for the 0.1% of best DPS without doing"dumb" stuff.


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