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5 new places are added to Dofus Kamas welcome Bosses by Rsking dom
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  • 5 new places are added to Dofus Kamas welcome Bosses, including 4 families of 4 dungeons monsters and full of success! They are distributed according to the rider, respecting their character and their attributes! War is a spontaneous character, without faith or law. Everything is a struggle, everything must be defeated. You walk through its battlefield, inhabited by soldiers.

    What's residing is disgusting. The territory of Corruption is dead, ravaged by contamination. The creatures living there are apocalyptic. Free will? Servitude doesn't understand. Everything needs to serve himdie. His domain is a slavery boat, where we can clearly see the reference to the slave trade ships. Ankama played with it historic and very political, this moment! There's not a thing that belongs to you, not your life. Misery does not take from the wealthy, it takes from everybody. Its area is a desert, emptied of all greenery and resources, retained in its fortified castle.

    For their anniversary, the Infinite Dreams are revised to better fit their first objectives! Rewards, difficultyrediscover the end-of-game attribute! As promised, the Dofus team continues to develop Infinite Dreams and at a rather... radical way! The feature is totally redone by following each of the returns that were created and making it fun, without eliminating its difficulty! And that isn't going to be all, because many spots will follow next!

    A first stage, and one of the most significant: Your progress will be erased when switching to 2.54. From your flooring, into a own reflections and points of dreams, EVERYTHING will disappear to create way for Dreams 2.0. It'll be a chance for some to rediscover the fantasies from A to Z, or even to try it. Too poor for ULTRA players such as Volcasaurus, needing to see their efforts go back to zero! In the past, the problem was established just on the Bosses along with the floor in the room. Now many parameters will determine the variable! Its connection with the experience and the awards is reinforced. According to the previous version, the more you fight, the more you make! Thus, in addition to buy dofus kamas echo the floor as well as the critters, the level will be obtained via.


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